Charge at home?
Get up to $620 from Pepco
EV drivers can enroll in Pepco's EVsmart® program and unlock up to $620 in rebates and annual savings.*

Pepco’s Home Charging Incentive program is coming soon. Check back in January!

How it works

Sign up for evPulse

evPulse makes it easy for Pepco customers to enroll in EVsmart programs and take advantage of program perks. Set up a free account and authorize evPulse to connect with your vehicle — it takes less than a minute!
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Enroll in EVsmart programs

During evPulse registration, you will have the option to enroll in Pepco's EVsmart® programs:

Home Charging Incentive

Tesla, Toyota, and Lexus electric vehicle drivers with a home charger may qualify to earn a $50 annual incentive just for staying connected with the evPulse app.

How to apply:
First, sign up for evPulse. Then, apply for the EVsmart Home Charging Incentive on Pepco's website.

Smart Charge Management Program

Tesla drivers with a home charger can earn a $10 monthly incentive for charging at least 50% of the time during "smart times."  You will receive this rebate in the form of an electronic gift card delivered to the email address provided to enroll in the programHow to apply: Sign up for evPulse and opt into Smart Charge Management after connecting your vehicle.

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Enjoy driver benefits

Pepco will review your eligibility and follow up by email within two weeks to confirm your acceptance into the program(s).

While you're waiting, you can access your evPulse dashboard right away! Your home charging data will update in real-time once you begin charging up regularly.

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Why join?

Pepco's EVsmart program rewards you for charging at home, and can also help you save time and money by simplifying your charging routine.

Big savings

Enroll in EVsmart programs to lower your energy bill and get rewarded for charging during the smartest times.

Smarter energy

Your evPulse dashboard keeps track of your home charging habits and helps you charge when electricity costs are lowest.

Real impact

Making smarter charging decisions helps your electric grid become more reliable. By participating, you'll play a key role in shaping the future of EV charging. 

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About evPulse

A green future for Maryland and beyond.

evPulse is a product of WeaveGrid in partnership with Pepco. WeaveGrid’s mission is to drive rapid decarbonization in global transport and power sectors by intelligently connecting electric vehicles to the grid.
Our software makes it cheaper and safer for utilities to support the growth of electric vehicles, increase renewable energy adoption, and save customers money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is evPulse?

evPulse helps EV drivers access valuable benefits, save money, and simplify their charging experience.

Which EVs do you support?

Certain plug-in electric Toyota, Lexus, and Tesla are eligible for Pepco's Home Charging Incentive.

All models of Tesla electric vehicles are eligible for Pepco's Smart Charge Management program.

Stay tuned for updates on other supported vehicle makes in the future.  

How does evPulse protect user data?

evPulse is committed to securing users’ data. We do not share your EV or personal data with third parties and maintain stringent data security and privacy protection procedures to ensure that no details about our users or their charging and driving patterns are misused or disclosed to unauthorized parties. For more details see our privacy policy.

Who created evPulse?

evPulse was created by WeaveGrid - founded in 2018. Details on WeaveGrid and its team can be found at

Is there a fee to join evPulse?

No. evPulse is free for EV drivers!

How does the Smart Charge Management program work?

To use evPulse, create an account with your email address and a password you select, then authorize evPulse to connect with your electric vehicle. The process takes seconds and simply requires entering the credentials for your electric vehicle’s mobile app.

After connecting your EV, complete your enrollment in the Smart Charge Management program. Pepco will confirm your enrollment within 2 weeks.

After acceptance into the program, your charging will be automated during "smart times." As long as you charge during smart times at least 50% of the time, you'll get rewarded with a $10 rebate every month.

You'll receive the rebate in the form of an electronic gift card, delivered to the email address you provided to enroll in the program.

Have other questions?

*Savings estimate based on driver receiving the $50 Home Charging Incentive; $300 Residential Charger Rebate; $150 annual savings through charging off-peak on the Off-Peak Off-Bill Program, versus costs under an R Residential rate - typical for Rate participants; and twelve $10 monthly rebates (one calendar year) on the Smart Charge Management program (eligibility limited to Tesla vehicles).

Eligibility and participation requirements for each program must be satisfied.

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